About the Trust

The Jonathan Edwards Trust is an endowment that supports the unique cultural, social and educational ambience of Yale’s Jonathan Edwards College.

The Trust provides resources in support of JE students, fellows, and alumni, promoting educational, cultural, and artistic programming and opportunities. For more than 50 years, JE students have benefited in some way from the Trust’s sponsorship of projects recommended and executed by the Heads of College. Some of the Trustees’ work is in the form of personal interaction and expertise, and much is financial, stemming from an endowment that the they oversee.

In conjunction and collaboration with the Head of College, the Trust meets yearly to discuss needs and bring projects to fruition. Members are frequently on campus participating in JE events and talking with students to help ensure that the work they do is real and significant. It is rewarding and fulfilling work that pays dividends many times over for JE students.

Suhnne Ahn, JE ’86, Secretary
Michael S. Barr, JE ’87
David P. Calleo, JE ’55
Douglas Crowley, JE ’63
Jonathan Dach, JE ’08
Gary L. Haller
Masu Haque Khan, JE ’95

David R. Leonhardt, JE ’94
Miko McGinty, JE ’93, Vice Chair
Eve Rice, JE ’73, Chair
Deborah Rose, JE ’72, Treasurer
Mark B. Ryan
Mark Saltzman & Christina Pavlak,
Heads of College, ex officio

The Trust is sad to announce the death of long-time trustee Michael Hawley, JE ’83.

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