The SpidersWay

In collaboration with the JE Trust, a new historical introduction to JE has been published. Groundwork for this effort had been laid over the years, but no such publication has been produced since 1978. This new version, published in 2020, includes 90 reminiscences from alumni, fellows, faculty, and staff about their experiences in JE.

The new historical account is written by three former administrators who know the College intimately: former Heads of College Gary Haller and Penelope Laurans, and former Dean Mark Ryan. Recollections include memories and personal accounts that record the lives of JE students from the 1930s until today, supplemented by historical and contemporary photographs. These stories recall elements of JE life that were significant to the College experience—social gatherings, hallway dynamics, dining hall conversations, mentors, artistic productions, intramural sports, courtyard and game-room encounters, important personal connections, life as a first-year counselor, and much more—i.e., times that made being a JE student memorable and special and speak to what it means to be a member of JE.

As of August 2021, the second printing of The Spiders’ Way is available.

Behind the Scenes

Victoria Sambunaris, MFA ’99, photographs the college with her large format box camera for The Spiders’ Way.

The Story of the Edwards Portraits

Read here a short account by Professor Theodore Sizer—the person who personally carried the portraits onto the Yale campus—about the Edwards portraits.

If requested, donors may receive a copy of The Spiders’ Way.

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