JE Sweatshirt Collection

The Jonathan Edwards Trust has collaborated with the New Haven-based Campus Customs to bring limited edition sweatshirt collections to all generations of JE students.

Stay tuned for future sweatshirt collections! In the meantime, check out past collections below.

Retro Sweaters

Julia Ma JE ’19 blends JE’s classic snake and apple logo with the 90s computer snake game.

Running now.

Calligraphic Sweaters

Including a JE calligraphic lion drawn by former Head Printer of the JE Press David Libby (JE ’64),  and designed by Julia Ma (JE ’19) and Lydia Burleson (JE ’21), this sweatshirt alludes to our residential college Alma Mater with a subtly 60s vibe.

Running now.

Jonathan Edwards Collage Sweaters

Hang Nguyen JE ’21 captures the essence of the college from JE’s magnolias and tulips to its architecture and current Head of College, who will be stepping down this spring. The collage is drawn in Head Mark Saltzman’s honor!

Last run: May 2022.

Holiday Sweatshirts

Inspired by the JE first-year tradition of spelling out JE LUX with holiday lights on Old Campus and designed by Julia Ma (JE ’19) and Lydia Burleson (JE ’21), these limited edition sweatshirts play on our famed motto JE SUX.

Last run: December 2021.


Vintage Sweaters

Inspired by photos from Jonathan Edwards alumni, Gary Collett (JE ’78) and Courtney Carroll (JE ’79), these limited edition sweatshirts bring JE of the 70s to a whole new generation of Spiders.

Last run: October 2021.

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